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The Key To Christian Leadership Success

When it comes to learning about leadership, I get quite excited. Not only because it is something I see God clearly moving me towards an ever deeper expression of in my own life, but because it is part of me becoming more like Jesus. Following his leading and direction for me in what I am supposed to be doing but more than that, responding and changing on the inside into who He wants me to be.

I have attended leadership seminars and devoured many Christian books about leadership. I have also looked at the lives of those whom I consider to be great Christian leaders, especially those who live their lives openly and humbly in obedience to Jesus.

There is one common theme that emerges from them all which I believe is the key, the foundation stone of good Christian leadership.

Regular Personal Prayer That common theme is regular, personal prayer. It may be surprising but it is so easy for leaders to be too busy leading and doing for there to be time to just connect with Jesus. To ask His…