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The Illusion of Control

A couple of days ago I was researching non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (cancer) online on the Lymphoma Association UK website. I read things I already knew such as  - the type of lymphoma I have can not be cured; it will come back again and it will be treated again; people with this type of lymphoma are very likely to live for many years (although supposed to be reassuring this statement did not fill me with much joy! I want to live a good, long life!).

Since being told I was in remission and the chemotherapy coming to an end after six cycles, life has begun to return to normal. I feel well - no longer nauseous or weak or terribly fatigued. No longer feeling out of my depth and completely out of control. No longer blogging about the most recent setback or hospitalisation. I have started to do the things I did before I was diagnosed. I have now returned to work full time. Ministry opportunities are opening up and I am travelling around the UK about once a month to either sing or to speak (…

Leading Well Behind the Scenes

A Well-Oiled Machine? You may have heard the saying sometimes used to describe successful businesses and churches as a 'well oiled machine'. The question I want to ask is: What would happen if there is no oil?

The machine may look great from the outside. It may appear to have everything it needs to perform its function well, but if the mechanics on the inside are not working properly (or don’t exist at all) the machine is not going to be able to achieve its purpose.
Hotel Nightmares Over the past weekend, I was away in another part of the country attending a relative’s wedding. We booked in to a local hotel run by a family. The room was spacious, lovely furnishings; the room was clean and provided everything we needed as a family to make our stay comfortable.  At first I thought this was going to be a great weekend. However, when we went down to the restaurant for our evening meal on the first night the cracks began to show. These cracks were not physical, but more in the way…